Think you’ve got what it takes to play the role


Think you’ve got what it takes to play the role of teacher?  The chapters we don’t have time to cover in this class include Chapters 11, 14, and 17.

For this assignment, create a powerpoint outline/lecture covering the key concepts, theories, and themes from ONE of these 3 chapters (only select one chapter for this assignment).  You will not present this to the class, you will just be creating the presentation. Feel free to get creative with it!

  • To receive the full 10 points, you need to create a minimum of 20 slides and use a minimum of 5 pictures to enhance your presentation.
  • You can submit fewer than 20 slides for partial credit.
  • Either attach your submission as a PowerPoint file or convert it to a PDF file.
  • Do not simply copy/paste from the book or notes. You must summarize what you learned in your own words.
  • Your submission will run through a plagiarism checker. Anything that receives over 25% similarity rating will not be accepted. If you see that your submission generates too high of a similarity rating, review your report, make the appropriate fixes, and re-upload before the deadline. How to increase originality? Paraphrase definitions/theories by restating them in your own words, add your own original ideas, include personal examples, etc…
  • Due to end-of-semester time constraints, this assignment cannot be accepted past the due date.

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