Term 3 Unit 7 Discussions Unit 7 DB: Personal Fraud


Term 3 Unit 7 Discussions

Unit 7 DB: Personal Fraud (ACC315 Fraud Prevention & Examination)

Describe a fraud that you have personal knowledge of and comment on the frauds described by the other students.

Unit 7 DB: Developing Routines to Assist in Your Quality of Sleep (BIO150 Nutrition)

As you have read in this week’s Readings and Resources, what you do directly before bed affects the quality of sleep you get. 

  • What is the importance of good      quality of sleep?
  • What is your current nighttime      routine?
    • Do you use electronics in bed?
  • How would you rate your quality      of sleep?
  • What are two things you could      change or add to your nighttime routine for a higher quality of sleep?

Unit 7 DB: Credit Risks (Analysis of Financial Statements)

Assume Maria, a small business owner, wants to purchase an expensive truck worth $82,000. She paid an amount of $10,000 as a down payment and decided to take a bank loan for the remaining amount of $72,000 to be paid back in 1 year. The risk management department of the bank checked Maria’s credit risks before issuing the loan.

Maria, with low credit risk, gets the approval for loan allotment. Maria successfully paid a couple of installments of $10,000 during the year. However, Maria had some big losses in her business due to offering goods on credit to customers with low credibility. The bank thinks that Maria might not be able to make any further payments against the loan. The current situation creates huge risks to the bank against a loan provided to Maria. Moving forward, what can the bank do to mitigate credit risk? Could the bank have done anything differently in Maria’s case? Take into consideration how credit ratings are determined. 

Week 7 Discussion (MKT500 Marketing Management)

Watch the videos “What is Cause Marketing” and “Why Cause Marketing is Important” in the LEARN section for this week.

A cause marketing campaign is a promotional effort between a for-profit brand and a not-for-profit charity to build positive awareness of the for-profit brand. When the consumer buys a for-profit brand, a portion of the sale generally goes to the charity. Thus, the consumer feels good about supporting the charity and this positive goodwill is then carried over to the brand. This is one of the reasons why the strategic choice of the charity is so important. All three of these elements must be included for a cause marketing campaign so everyone wins!

Research and discuss a cause marketing campaign that impressed you. In your discussion include:

  • the      for-profit brand,
  • the      charity (not for profit),
  • why      this association works to support the for-profit brand, and
  • how      the consumer is involved through a purchase.
  • This      should be a 300 – 500-word discussion.

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