Small Business Marketing Plan Company Name Here Your name

Small Business Marketing Plan

Company Name Here

Your name

Dr. Gerig, Instructor

Marketing Manager Course

Semester, year

· Make sure to leave the headers as is below! Add your references/citations too!

Marketing Plan & Pitch

The marketing plan is connected to the firm’s business plan including organizational level mission, vision, and a few goals, objectives, and strategies. Give a good description so if someone was reading this, they would have a grasp of the company and what it is about.

INDENT AND start here and double space…name of company, their mission, how do you see that they find business, talk about the company and why you like it…citations and references for website and textbook needed. 2 paragraphs, minimum 5 sentences each (delete the instructions here).

Conduct a situation analysis (p. 66+) textbook citation in a, b, and c

Macro level external environment (p 67)

Start here and double space…Give 2 examples how it affects your company

Competitive environment (p. 68-pick 2)

Start here and double space…Give 2 examples for your company

Internal environment (p. 69)

Start here and double space…Pick 1 of the 5 and tell how it could be improved (not marketing plan)

Perform any needed market research (use one ‘product/service’ from the company for this and apply it to all 6 steps-tell how and who and what for your company (not a definition of what you will be doing)
(p. 99+)
minimum 1
textbook citation
. Single space only on this section.

· Step 1 (full sentences to explain the example)

· Step 2

· Step 3

· Step 4

· Step 5

· Step 6

Establish marketing goals and objectives-this is where you get to be creative. Apply all or as close to the $6000 (do not go over budget) and how you would spend it to promote your product/services for a year.
You must do research and find real product/service and amounts (each one must be broken down; for example, how many ads on FB for the entire year per cost for each and total). Minimum of 3 promotions
(minimum 3 citations -you can use one personal
communication and references must be provided). No outsourcing such as a marketing company. (You can review CH 13 for additional ideas).

Research: Start here…Write minimum of 1 paragraph for each promotion about why you chose each promotion with a citation & reference for each one and fill in the table provided (example provided and delete directions). Double space all.

Fill in the table below with your promotions. You will copy and paste this for Week 6 discussion post.

Table 1

Put your company name and city/state here in Italics (see page 200 of APA manual)






Facebook Ad

Target ages 25-50 in Gary, IN

Daily for 1 year (365)

$3 a day


Flyers from Vista Print

12 high schools in Gary IN

3x a year

$900 each printing


Trade Show

Display Booth to meet teachers

1x year

$1000 1x


Sponsor Football Game Raffle

Table at 12 games to meet parents/teachers

12x year

$100 per event


Digital idea here

Add Week 13


Until then



Develop marketing strategies:
review (71 Exhibit 3.11) and tell which of the 4 product-market strategies you will be using and why, then give an
example (minimum 1 strategy and one textbook citation & reference).

Start here and double space…

Market segmentation, target marketing, positioning (CH 7) TIPS:

Pick your Market Segment (minimum of 1)- check out the criteria for it in Exhibit 7.11.
Minimum 1 textbook

Target Market has 3 steps which you can share using your example (on p. 198+).
Minimum 1 textbook

1-Analyze- Tell why you picked this one.

2-Develop Profiles (pick up to 2)- Pick the primary target market and tell why it is the best ROI and one other attractive factor (p. 199+).

3-Select a Target Market Approach (3)- pick one of 4 and tell why it works for your company/product (pp. 199-201).

Start here and double space…
minimum of 2 paragraphs for the 3 parts.

Marketing mix strategies (p 84+) Only pick 2 out of 5. Give specific examples of what/how you will do it! 1 paragraph each
(minimum 1 textbook citation & reference, in each para. and cite when using terms). Leave all headings and fill in your 2 parts.

Product/branding strategies (pp. 84, 247)

Start here and double space…

Service strategies (pp. 84, 267+)

Start here and double space…

Pricing strategies (pp. 84, 294+)

Start here and double space…

Supply chain strategies (pp. 84, 317+)

Start here and double space…

Integrated marketing communication strategies (pp. 85)

Start here and double space…

Develop implementation plans

no citations needed in section unless using terms)

Programs/action plans for each strategy including assignment of responsibilities, and resources required: Tell what you have in mind for the company overall besides the marketing plan from #4 (such as exact # employees, pay per person and hours and any management hired or you are it?). This is your thoughts.

Start here and double space…

Metrics for marketing control (p. 16+); see link to article if needed in resources

Start here and double space…

Provide for contingency planning (do not repeat what you have done previously and share how you will prepare if something doesn’t work out)

Start here and double space…


This is a separate page and delete all of this: The first draft has a minimum of 2

references/citations and minimum of 9 citations and 9 references and a personal

communication by the final (must have textbook for any points on each paper).

Review how to do APA references if needed. 1-4 points deducted for incorrect format on each.

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