Reflections on Child of Mine and Diabesity.

Child of Mine: read preface and chapters 1, 2, 7, 8, 9 and appendixes A,I,J,L, N,O,S Diabesity: READ THE ENTIRE BOOK In a 6-page, discuss your thought and reflections about Child of Mine and Diabesity. Compare and contrast the teaching within Child of Mine with the feeding practices of your parent.

How does the feeding relationships relate to pediatric diabesity as discussed by Kaufman in her book Diabesity?

Could the prevalence of pediatric obesity and pediatric type 2 diabetes be reduced by appropriate feeding relationships within families? Explan. Discuss your insight, reactions and experiences. ( this paper should not be a book report or book review) instead to be a thoughtful reflection on your feeding experiences and observation based on the book, and the application of what your learned from reading the book to pediatric obesity and diabetes prevalence in the United State. Throughout the paper, weave information from the books into your reflection, insight, reactions and experience.

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