our client is a medical clinic that has multiple small


our client is a medical clinic that has multiple small offices in San Diego County. Each office has its own network that includes the following:

4 – workstations (three doctors and one administrative assistant)

1 – Database server (patient’s records)

1 – Windows server (active directory for authorization)

1 – Web Server (with links to the other offices)

 This design is duplicated in each of the clinic’s small offices.

You have been assigned to develop the security architecture for a cloud deployment using AWS or Azure (your choice) that minimizes duplication currently implemented in the clinic. The deployment must consist of the following minimum components:

  • Load Balancer
  • Web Server
  • Back-end database


Develop a security architecture that meets the following requirements:

Access control and authentication:

  1. Public facing area
  2. Authenticated access for registered customers
  3. Multi-Factor authentication for developers and admins

Network Security

  1. Monitoring and testing
  2. Encrypted communications

(References will be checked, and a Plagiarism Checker may be used)


  • Written Report of recommendations (10-15 pages
  • A detailed network diagram of your proposed recommendations. 
  • Title Page – containing the following at a minimum: Title, Authors, Institution Name, Class number, Date
  • APA format
  • See grading rubric for details

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