Investigation: Workplace risk assessment

You are required to carry out a risk assessment of your workplace environment and identify hazards using a risk assessment tool/daily safety checklist that identifies hazards within children’s play spaces. You will need to submit the following documents: 1 x completed risk assessment tool OR daily safety checklist. 1 x separate Word document (or additional notes added to the tool/checklist) for any Table 5 item that is not covered by the risk assessment tool.

Note: > You should use the tool or checklist that is used at your workplace, or if your service does not have one please talk to your TAFEnow facilitator. > You must successfully meet the marking criteria found in Table 5


Table 5 – Marking criteria:


Task 2 You must meet the below criteria in order to successfully complete this assessment event. 1. Risk assessment tool Satisfactorily complete and submit a risk assessment tool OR daily safety checklist. 2. Additional information The following information must be submitted, either as part of the risk assessment tool or in an accompanying Word document: > identify two (2) hazards > indicate the level of risk for each hazard > describe a way of managing the risk (consider the hierarchy of control measures) > identify how it would be reported and to whom it should be reported

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