How does Training and Development influence and is influenced by:

Case study Description Question 1: How does Training and Development influence and is influenced by: recruitment, selection, HR planning, performance appraisals, compensation, and health and safety? Question 2: Read the article which I’ve posted on Moodle, “Andragogy: An emerging technology for adult learning”, by Malcolm Knowles. In what ways has your university education met or failed to meet the technological implications associated with the four assumptions of andragogy? (the article lists the technological implications, so read it first before asking what that means) Question 3: Consider your job and performance as a student and conduct each of the following types of needs analysis: A) Task, B) Cognitive Task, C) Team Task. Think of TASK analysis as what tasks or behaviors are required of you as a student. Think of COGNITIVE TASK analysis as what mental processes and skills are required of you as a student (refer to the slides for further clarification). Think of TEAM TASK analysis as what team-based capabilities are required of you as a student.

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