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You are interviewing for a position, and your prospective employer asks you to describe your leadership style. How would you do so? Refer to your readings in Chapter 9 to identify the leadership model you feel your style is most closely related to and why you feel this model fits you best.

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As a medical professor, a good leadership style is crucial to effectively manage and guide students towards their academic goals. In answering this question, I would describe my leadership style as a combination of transformational and situational leadership.

Transformational leadership is the model that closely relates to my leadership style. This model focuses on inspiring, motivating, and empowering individuals to exceed their own expectations and goals. Through effective communication, mentorship, and guidance, transformational leadership aims to develop the potential of each individual, creating a sense of direction and purpose that encourages individuals to perform beyond their traditional capabilities.

Additionally, situational leadership complements my leadership style as it involves adapting to varying situations and needs of individuals or groups, which is essential in a dynamic academic environment. By identifying the level of development of each student, I can adjust my leadership style, providing direction, support, and guidance as required.

Overall, my leadership style is designed to empower students to reach their full potential by inspiring and guiding them through a growth mindset while providing tailored support based on their differing levels of development.

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