For this assignment: You will briefly, tell a little about

For this assignment:  

You will briefly, tell a little about yourself, why you are at Amridge University. Is it to become a better [fill in the blank] or learn how to [fill in the blank]?  What motivated you to attend Amridge University to do this?  Is it a drive, a passion, a need, or something else?  

If you are here because of an interest in a particular field of study or to become more proficient in one where you are already situated, Research and Evaluation can help.  You are going to learn a basic vocabulary that is common to all disciplines: how to accurately investigate the world around you and learn from it.  It might be your own research, or it might come from reading the works of others or participating in their own research.

This is important: If what you are studying matters to you, I know you will put in the effort to make it meaningful.  Trust me: our class on Research and Evaluation has benefits that can go far beyond this semester, and in a very helpful way.

This assignment must be minimum of 1 page.

 Little About Myself

I am a Pastor, and I am a Lieutenant for a local Sheriff Department. I have been employed there for 33 years.  I am pursuing a Master of Arts (MA) in Christian Education. This degree program is ideal for those interested in full or part-time ministry education positions, those with a background as a lay leader, current educator/administrator, or professionals from other disciplines who wish to enhance their credentials.

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