columbus’s narrative

 Description 1. Textual Analysis  involves identifying the different features/parts of a text and showing how they work together to produce meaning in the text. In humanities disciplines, this requires the reader/writer to describe important features of a text and to show what meaning they have in the text itself and/or in relation to the context in which the text was written. In other words, the reader/writer must move beyond summary or description of the text to interpretation of the text’s meaning. Remember that textual analysis is not plot summary. It is organized around concepts, images, patterns or themes in the text.  Locate at least one example of how the author represents the self and and one example of how the author represents the other. Try to describe these representations in your own words (description). Then, analyze their significance. Here, you need to read between the lines to discern the meaning of the representations. You might ask yourself: who is represented as good or evil in the text? Who is human and who is animal? Why does the author represent some groups of people positively while representing others according to negative stereotypes? Why are these representations important? What is the author trying to teach his medieval/early modern audience about “us” and “them”? 2. Organization The paper should be written in full paragraphs and complete sentences. While it is not an essay, the paper should contain an introduction that introduces the reader to the author, text, and the focus of the paper. The introduction should a contain a general statement about how the author represents self and other and why these representations matter (we will come to call this statement a “thesis”). The remainder of the paper should be organized into paragraphs. Each paragraph should be coherent and unified around one main idea. Each paragraph should contain a topic sentence that introduces the argument for that paragraph. Include a conclusion that reflects on what you learnt about the text by doing this exercise. 3. Sources Use only the course sources mentioned on this assignment. Please do not consult sources from outside this course. Use only the assigned course readings and lectures as texts. Integrate quotes from the text into your paper. Use MLA citation format to do so. 4. Clarity of Prose/Style/ Grammar Edit your paper before submitting it. Look for substantive issues first. Then, read for grammar issues 5. Technical Requirements Length: 3 pages maximum, double spaced, with 12 point font and 1 inch margins. Please use Times New Roman Font. Please put your name and student number on the first page of the assignment.

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