Can someone please help me with these? Assignment Instructions PROBLEM

Can someone please help me with these? Assignment Instructions 

PROBLEM STATEMENT (See attached Brainstorming Worksheet for APPROVED TOPIC & REFERENCES): ­­­­­­­­­­­­How can the University of Miami/Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center protect its healthcare workers from the prevalence of compassion fatigue? 

Use the template below for this assignment. 
Abstract and Problem statement. Review the requirements for an abstract in your W2L course.  The problem statement will be reviewed for content by your professor.  Once the problem statement is approved by both the W2L Coach and your professor, it may not be changed without approval. 

Annotated Bibliography and Data Sources

pick an umbrella topic and create an annotated bibliography.

1. Umbrella Topic: Students should pick an umbrella topic for their health policy analysis thesis. Umbrella topics include:

·  Population Health

·  Legislative and Regulatory Healthcare Policy

·  Healthcare Management Models

·  Healthcare Financing and Reimbursement

·  Healthcare Data Analytics

·  Aging and Preventative Care

·  Health Insurance

·  Medical Tourism

·  Comparative International Health Policy.

The list may be supplemented by the professors from time to time. The text The Long Fix  (see your syllabus) can help you in developing your topic.

2.  The annotated bibliography requires a minimum of 15 citations in APA form.  Each citation will be accompanied by a short summary in the student’s own words. Refer to the rubric for required content in each annotation.  The data sources (minimum of 5) must include a description of the research design and at least 5 published data studies and/or original research design. Refer to the Rubric/Checklist to evaluate your data sources.

  1. Go to
  2. Search the resources listed under the section called start here! (Business Source Complete, ABI/Inform Collection, Health Sciences & Nursing Databases, Combined Search, MEDLINE).  
  3. Search the data resources here:
  4. Review the content here:
  5. Find 20 sources related to your problem statement. Five of the sources must include raw or hypothetical data.  
  6. Create an annotated bibliography of the sources you find (use template below).  Requirements include:

·  Proper APA reference.

·  Summary of each source in your own words. 

·  Your annotations will be evaluated on the following:

o  A proper APA citation.

o  A brief summary of the source in your own words.  The summary should include at minimum:

§  A sentence regarding the methodology used in the study.

§  A sentence regarding the conclusions found. 

§  One or two sentences of what you perceive to be the strengths and weaknesses of the source. 

§  Additional Information to consider including:

·  Description of the type of data.  See guidance.

·  Description of the type of research.  See for guidance.

·  Description of the type of study.  See for guidance.

The 5 data sources can include raw data, data studies, and/or your own data. The data source annotations must include:

o  A proper APA citation.

o  Your professor is looking for studies that involve hypothesis testing in which statistical tests are used.

o  A brief summary of the source in your own words.  If you are using raw data, explain how the data was collected. The summary should include at minimum:

§  A sentence regarding the methodology used for data studies. If you are using raw data, explain how the data was collected.

§  A sentence describing the key variables that were measured or tested (for example, disease prevalence, score of the experimental test, total cost, etc.).

§  One or two sentences of what you perceive to be the strengths and weaknesses of the data. 

o  Additional Information to consider including:

o  Description of the type of data.  See for guidance.

o  Description of the type of research.  See for guidance.

o  Description of the type of study.  See for guidance.

3. Use the template below for this assignment. Submit it in MAN6974 by the due date. 

4. Remove the comments from the template before submitting this assignment.


Complete Name

Florida International University

MAN6974: HCMBA Abstract, Problem Statement, & Annotated Bibliography

Abstract (example)

In 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed as a measure to regulate healthcare by providing more coverage to Americans. It provided an estimated 31 million previously uninsured 

Americans access to healthcare; however, the law failed to control spending. Many of the 2020 presidential candidates are proposing a single payer healthcare system, but this option is facing resistance from citizens, health insurance companies, and government agencies. This healthcare policy analysis will calculate the impact that a single payer healthcare system will have on stakeholders including citizens, hospitals, physicians, payors, and policy makers. It will evaluate the economic impact of a single payer system and include evidence-based research to analyze the possibilities for success or failure. It will conclude with a recommendation about transitioning to a universal healthcare system feasible.  


Problem Statement (example)

How can the Massena Memorial Hospital decrease the number of emergency room visits for non-emergency issues? [SH3] 

Annotated Bibliography & Data Sources (example)

Author, A. (Year Published). Article title. Journal Name, Volume(Issue), page range.[MOU4] 

In your annotation, summarize the main points of the source. Be sure to summarize the main points using your own words. Do not copy and paste information directly from the source. Also explain how the source is relevant to your problem. Explain how this particular source will help you develop one or more of the main points in your thesis. 

[SJH1]Give your assignment a title.

Important words are capitalized in the title.

[SJH2]Delete this and put in your own abstract.

[SH3]Change this to your own question.  It should not be a yes or no question.

Remember that the client has to have the values and power to solve the problem. 

[MOU4]Sources must be in APA.


Sources are in alphabetical order. 

You need a total of 20 sources with at least 5 data sources. 

Identify the 5 data sources by using a subheading.

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