Your final project MUST follow this format. Your paper must be 5 – 10 pages not including front matter (cover page, table of contents) and reference pages. All case study assignments must follow APA 6th edition format. Therefore, it must be typed, double spaced, have 1-inch margins, a cover page, table of contents, an abstract, and reference page. All pages should be numbered in the upper right-hand corner. Submit your Final Project – Case Study to no later than the assigned due date.

The following sections must be present in your analysis: Executive Summary Introduction Background of the Organization Major Issues or Problems of the Organization: Discuss the major issues or problems that are confronting the organization. If the organization faces multiple problems or issues, the case analysis may limit its focus to a single issue or problem. Evaluation of the Competitive Environment a. Analyze the macro-environment b. Analyze the competitive environment using the basic format of the Five Forces Model. Evaluation of Competitive Business-level Strategies

a. Cost Leadership b. Product Differentiation c. Focus/niche Recommendation and Justification of Strategic Alternatives: By this point in your analysis, you should be able to determine appropriate strategic alternatives for the firm and provide a solid justification for why you are recommending specific actions. Implementation Plan: This is one of the most important sections of your analysis. In your recommendations, you have explained what course of action the firm should follow. Now you must describe how to do so. Your ability to provide details of implementation may be somewhat limited due to a lack of specific knowledge of the firm. However, you must provide a well-thought-out feasible implementation plan that covers the major action steps necessary to implement your recommended strategies. Conclusion or Summary


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