Before social workers can understand the concepts of difference and


Before social workers can understand the concepts of difference and diversity in others, they must understand their cultural landscape. For this assignment, interview a family member or a person close to you to construct a map of your cultural foundation. Discuss your racial makeup, ethnic group, religious or spiritual traditions (or absence of), your gender identity, and sexual orientation if you are comfortable sharing this information. 

Create a visual representation of this information. You may use any program you like, such as PowerPoint. There are several free online templates you can use to create a poster or other visual representation.

In your illustration, clearly identify two significant ways in which your cultural identity has shaped you as a person and the lens from which your worldview has been formed. Document how these ways may present challenges in your future work as a practicing social worker. Then, indicate how these cultural identity traits will serve to strengthen your work with clients. 

No references other than the person interviewed are required. 

Points will be assigned for the thoroughness of your illustration; you may write any notations on your illustration using the first person for this assignment. 

Length: visual representation of assignment criteria

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