1 You are required to number your responses, submit your work as a PDF, and to be detailed and thorough in all your responses. I expect it will


You are required to number your responses, submit your work as a PDF, and to be detailed and
thorough in all your responses. I expect it will take at least one paragraph to answer each

Expectations for Written Work

1. Number your responses if the questions/prompts are numbered.
2. When completing any writing assignment, keep in mind the point of all the assigned tasks in this

course: to demonstrate knowledge about the subject, to demonstrate your ability to think critically,
to demonstrate the use of your sociological imagination, and to demonstrate your ability to write
clearly and effectively. Before submitting your work, be sure that all your responses do each of
these things.

3. All written work should be well-written and well thought-out meaning it should utilize full
sentences with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation and demonstrate critical thinking skills
and subject knowledge.

4. Longer responses on written work typically receive higher scores because they usually
demonstrate deeper thought, more critical thinking and analysis, and better content mastery.
However, lengthy “fluff” responses that don’t actually say anything meaningful will result in a loss
of points.

5. Skipping a question or questions on any assignment will result in a significant drop in your score
for that assignment because it shows a lack of effort. You should always attempt to answer every

6. Similarly, be sure you fully answer all the questions asked. Often there are multiple parts and it is
critical that you do everything that is asked of you and fully answer all questions.

7. Neglecting to follow directions may result in a 0 for the entire assignment.

On Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specifically:

In this course, we will utilize an AI detection tool when we score your written work and this tool is
incredibly accurate. The chances of anyone getting away with using Artificial Intelligence (AI) are
essentially nil. Students who utilize AI or who engage in any other form of academic dishonesty —
plagiarism, collusion, etc. — will first be given a 0 on the assignment. NO CHAT GPT

Assignment 6 instructions on PAGE 2


Assignment 6: Read the following articles and external links

1. Read Slides:
a. 8 – Culture and Power.pptx
b. 5 – Culture and The Body DE.pptx
c. OA12a – Zikala – Body Size and Culture.PDF
d. OA11 – Fisher – Tattooing the Body, Marking Culture.PDF


1. Write a one paragraph summary of “Tattooing the Body, Marking Culture.” How is it relevant
to the course material in this unit?

2. What is the most interesting thing you learned from the “Body Size and Culture” slides and
article? Why did you find it interesting?

3. Think of the micro-politics, the power struggles and attempts to get one’s own way, of a
romantic couple. Think of a couple you actually know and describe the categories each member
of the couple belongs to (such as their sex, gender, age, class, race, ethnicity, religion, etc.) to
the best of your ability and anything else pertinent about the couple or the individuals. Which of
these two people do you think has the most power? Why? Now imagine a conlict between these
two people. How do you think each person would use their own culture(s) to gain power and get
their way during a conflict? Be specific and detailed.

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